“Moustache Drinking Game” with the X-Files.

So I’ve been thinking


Jesus was supposedly resurrected from the dead two days after he died.

Perhaps he was infected with the alien virus like Mulder was, and his body shed it’s old skin so that the alien human replacement could emerge.

Now that he’s one of the super-soldiers, he is immortal.

So when he ascended into heaven later on, that was actually the alien mothership taking him back with them—

only for him to return on December 2012, the date of the FINAL INVASION.

Happy Easter, everyone.

This would also explain Jesus being born of a virgin— the aliens implanted him in Mary’s womb, and so he was the miracle child destined to lead the alien colonies.  It all makes sense, now.  I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Third-wheel Walter.

Scully enjoys invisible corpses.

Scully enjoys invisible corpses.

Oh, Bambi.

Just sayin’.

I just read the best X-Files fanfic ever


It was a sunny day in the land of FBI, when fox Mulder was enjoying his lunch break on /x/.

I’m and FBI angent AMA” he posted. He waited… refreshed… waited a little longer… refreshed… bumped… nothing. Then, finally, there was a post.

“OP, what did you have for breakfast?”

“Aw, fuck this shit.” Mulder muttered under his breath.

“What’s that, Mulder?” Asked Dana skully, seductively. She flipped her hair, and it landed with shapely body. Her shirt was buttoned half way, exposing her plump, voluptuous breasts.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” said Mulder, “just nobody on 4Chan is interested in me.”

“Aw, you been on /x/ again?” Skully whined with a little pout. “You’ve really got to stop watching so many X-Files re-runs, it’s making you paranoid.

This was Mulder’s worst birthday

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